Advocating for the children and families you work with is critical to success. We encourage you to utilize the resources below as you talk about your programs. 

Wyoming-Specific Resources & Data

New for December 2020 | America After 3 PM Factsheet provides data on how Wyoming children spend the hours between 3-6 p.m., the benefits afterschool programs provide, and parent support for public funding of these programs. Learn more at

Innovations for an Emerging Workforce in Wyoming’s Changing Economy is a fact sheet illustrating how businesses can get involved with afterschool. Jobs related to STEM, including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, construction and computer science, are driving economic growth in Wyoming. Our state needs a workforce with the skills, enterprising aspirations and readiness to build our future economy. Learn how to get engaged with WYAA’s workforce development efforts.

Afterschool Works for Business is a fact sheet that addresses how afterschool and summer learning programs prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow and help working parents keep their jobs. Investing in these programs will help build Wyoming’s future workforce and ensure that our businesses can succeed and grow.

Afterschool Works for Wyoming is a fact sheet showcasing how programs across the state secure critical resources for their communities, provide new learning opportunities, and are proven to help kids avoid risky behaviors and give parents a peace of mind.

WYAA Info Sheet details the initiatives, data, and deliverables we use to Create Partnerships, Build Programs, and Strengthen Youth in our Wyoming communities.

The Positive Impact of Afterschool is a research brief that features data on how afterschool programs reach middle and high school students across the state.

Afterschool STEM Learning Programs Benefit Wyoming is a fact sheet that highlights how STEM in afterschool can build skills for the future.

National Afterschool Alliance Toolkit 

Helps you make the case for afterschool across a variety of audiences and platforms.

  • What to Say, When and to Whom
  • Engagement Materials and Tools
  • Helping Kids Learn and Grow
  • Keeping Kids Safe
  • Supporting Parents

National Afterschool Association Resources Page

Offers publications, podcasts, videos and much, much more on their website.