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Gaining Meaningful Experience Through Summer Programs

The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance is delighted to offer the 2nd Annual Summer Fellows Program for Wyoming undergraduate students working with youth this summer.  

 Connecting with summer programs across the state, sharing robust resources, and building the capacity of youth professionals we can support young people in developing their own STEAM identity and enjoyment. 

The Summer Fellows Program supports the mission of the Million Girls Moonshot! The national organization is supported by the STEM Next Foundation that is playing a critical role in bringing in- and out-of-school time STEM learning opportunities to millions of children and closing the gender gap in STEM careers. Learn more at

We understand the incredible capacity, enthusiasm, and role modeling that can take place when undergraduate students return to their home communities for the summer. And we want to celebrate that opportunity with a dynamic summer program that offers funding and professional learning based on the cohort’s interests, skillsets, and curiosity.  

 Summer programs that host fellows benefit from this partnership too! WYAA provided additional tools and resources made available by the Million Girls Moonshot to programs and a small grant to purchase materials or additional training for their staff.


For more information, please contact Special Programs Associate Emily Vercoe, or 307-335-9922.

Each of the Fellows brings a unique perspective to the program. We asked, “What excites you about working with young people in your community? 

Abigail Casey, Burlington: It is exciting to me that I can be a guide to students in my community and allow them to grow into their best selves. Young people have so much potential, and many have a positive outlook on the future. When they get excited about something, they really commit to it and want to know everything they can about it. It is exciting to see others realize what they want to pursue and what they excel in. I love seeing students accomplish their goals and grow in a positive direction. Working with students allows me to help cultivate their skills and develop their passions, but I’m also there to see their joy at their accomplishments. It is an incredible feeling to watch someone succeed. Many times, they just need encouragement along the way, but they can achieve their goals by themselves. It is awe-inspiring and it is an honor to be a part of the experience, which is what makes working with young people so exciting and makes me excited for this upcoming summer. 

Abby Disburg, Casper: I have always loved working with kids. They are so funny and always so full of energy. Another reason I love working with young people is that you really get to teach them so much. And on top of that, you learn things from them that you never expected to learn. You also have such a huge impact some aspects of their growing up and who they become. I personally think that is so amazing. 

Alayna Murphy, Laramie: I am excited to work with young people in my community because they have such a different view of their community and of the world than I do. I am sure that they also each have their own passions and desires that I know nothing about. Therefore, I am excited both teach them and learn from them. 

Bree Johnson, Laramie: I am excited to teach students. Being a part of children’s learning is exciting and I want them to learn everything they can that is beneficial to them. I feel like this will give me an opportunity to broaden my horizons to teach children something new. 

Brinly Casey, Burlington : I love working with young people in my community. They always have a different outlook on life and can focus on different patterns that I may not realize. I also get excited about working with young people because their excitement rubs off on me, especially through hands on activities. I think a lot of the time there may be students who don’t get the recognition that they deserve through different activities, or these students are looked down on. I get excited about making every student feel great. They each deserve to get recognition for the small wins that they may have, and encouragement through the times of learning.  

Layne Johnson, Laramie: Info coming soon! 

Maddie Walker, Laramie: Something I have loved the most about working with young people in my community is their openness to explore the world in such a free manner. The children I have gotten to know always have questions and are always so curious about learning more. I, personally, love learning and seeing this same passion in youth at such a young age. It sparks my interest in working with them throughout my future career. Youth take such a different approach to life that it has encouraged me to think differently, as well- we all have something to learn from our youth- and that is what excites me most. 

Rae Sayer, Laramie: I enjoy working with young people in my community because I would like to make a positive impact on their lives. Many children struggle to find who they are and where they belong in the world, and I would love to help kids through this. I know how important having good role models and mentors are in children’s lives and that is a role I hope to fill for Laramie youth. I currently work with many kids with behavioral and academic struggles who need intervention from a positive mentor to allow them to live up to their potential. It excites me to see progress with youth and see them grow and make good decisions.  

Riley Dean Wilkerson, Laramie: Since working with Big Brothers Big Sisters at their SOAR program I have been able to directly help the local community through engaging with kids, preparing learning content for them that is exciting, and be a supportive figure in their lives. I love being able to have fun with the kids and see them develop through their rough periods towards a better future. While at many times a tiring job, I find that it provides so much worth not just to the kids but also to myself as I learn from them as well. Working with young people is fulfilling and exciting to me because of how different each personality is from one another, and the breadth of energy and ideas that kids have inspires and motivates me to help young people grow into a supportive and educated environment 

Teagan Bluemel, Laramie: I enjoy working with kids, younger and older. I’ve grown up with three younger siblings and have been babysitting for around 11 or 12 years of ages ranging from a couple of months to early teenagers. Over the last two years my primary summer job has been nannying for a family with three kids. Getting them up and ready for the day, preparing/feeding/and cleaning up breakfast and running them around to activities and then getting them ready for the end of the day and keeping them on task and busy/entertained. Younger kids crack me up sometimes with the things that they say, and I enjoy watching them learn and explore their environment. The job I’m currently working on interviewing for will allow me to share my knowledge and love of the outdoors with kids that are scheduled to come to the camp. 

Roni Baird, Cheyenne: I’ve worked with young people before through my church or at work, and young people have an eye for life that brings so much joy. I’ve always been excited to teach because of the impact teaching leaves on a particular student. I’m not sure if you remember your first teachers, but I remember Mrs. Autumn, my teacher when I was three years old, and how special those moments are when you get to be a child’s first teacher is something that I am grateful to experience. And it’s not just with young children, middle schoolers, and teens have so much knowledge that I can learn from every day. It’s always nice to be with a child when they experience their aha! moments, but it’s so much nicer to be the teacher they turn to when they have questions, or stories to tell. I love and am excited to work with young people to not only help them grow but to learn from them as well. 

Learn Why Summer Matters!

Today’s students need a robust learning environment where they are empowered to realize their full potential. With true collaboration among afterschool and summer programs, schools, and community partners, we can meet the needs of kids and families today—and forge a new future where every child is cared for, included, educated, and inspired.  

Mission: The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance is a statewide network working to create the conditions for young people to reach their full potential. We are a priority fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation.


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