Wyoming Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge

Welcome to the Winter 2020-21 Challenge

You understand that Wyoming is changing. You witness this every day. You are helping to grow Wyoming’s most important natural resource: our young people.

Ultimately, we hope young people across the state will see themselves contributors to the future of their community. Whether or not a young person becomes an entrepreneur, the skills they develop are essential to their becoming self-sufficient, healthy citizens.

A pitch challenge is an opportunity for youth to practice problem-solving, think critically, and share their voice. Over the course of the fall and winter, the Alliance will offer professional development and support to afterschool programs and teachers as you work with kids to develop their idea and create a pitch video.  WYAA will also use this time to publicly to celebrate young people as an important statewide natural resource. Participants will then create a 45 to 90 second video pitch, enter the competition and upload a video in their age group (6-10, 11-14 or 15 to 18) by April 1.

The Alliance has gathered a variety of activities, curricula, and video modules to help along the way. We will also hosting regular professional development roundtables where you will have a chance to learn from others around the state about how they are growing these skills among young people in their community.

The pitch contest is open to students in Wyoming ages 6 through 18. The pitch competition is a first component of a larger initiative that seeks to grow young people to become creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. The Alliance is working to develop a network of support that continues to help those who participate develop and shape their ideas into viable enterprises. We believe that by encouraging self-expression, critical reflection and social skills, these experiences open new possibilities for success and new opportunities to make a difference. Our goal is to cultivate connections so that no matter where a young person is situated, they have the support they need to become self-sufficient, healthy, citizens.

The Initiative is a result of a growing community of partners including Wyoming 4-H, Hilltop Bank in Casper, the University of Wyoming, Impact 307, afterschool organizations statewide, and many volunteers.

Deadline Extension!

The Wyoming Afterschool Alliance is happy to offer a deadline extension to April 1, 2021. 

Submit a Pitch

It’s easy to submit a pitch. Simply go to our partner website and follow the easy instructions to upload your video. Click here.

Let Your Ideas Grow

WYAA invites your organization or club to participate in the Wyoming Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Challenge and work with kids ages 6 through 18 years to think of a product, business or social solution that could make a difference to your community or to Wyoming. To register your program, click here. 

Register Your Program to Receive Extra Support

Over the course of the fall, WYAA will offer professional development and support to afterschool programs and teachers as you work with kids to develop their ideas and create pitch videos. We will also have some great incentives to encourage participation! Registered programs will qualify for incentives such as mini grants and participating students will qualify for incentives such as t-shirts and other prizes!

Get Age-Specific Recommendations

WYAA is proud to work with organizations that can offer age-specific resources to students from 6-18. Explore the links below.

Stay Connected with Past Roundtables

February 11:  The Do’s and Don’ts of Filming and Uploading a Pitch – Do you have a young person interested in submitting an entry for the Wyoming Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge? Young Entrepreneur Institute Marketing Coordinator Matthew Podl has worked with hundreds of young people across the country and leads this presentation. While crafting a pitch may be challenging, filming and submitting one can be easy!

January 28: Special guests Ron and Carson Rabou shared ideas on using the Entrepreneurial Mindset to inspire young people and to encourage young people to see risks as opportunities that will help them to gain valuable experiences to last a lifetime. Ron Rabou is the founder of Rabou Farms and an inspiring public/motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur based in southeastern Wyoming. Carson Rabou is a first-place winner of the Summer Pitch Challenge. He and his brothers are the founders of Rabros, LLC. The business provides personally homegrown, wholesome, certified organic products.

January 7: UW Host Heather Heath and young entrepreneur Kayleigh Lund talked about ways that a pitch challenge can inspire young people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Jessie Jones and Kelly Biggar from Young Entrepreneur Institute shared perspectives on ways afterschool programs and youth serving organizations effectively use pitch challenges as part of a wider effort to help young people practice problem-solving, think critically, and share their voice. Identifying the Competition with the “Favorite Cookie” exercise was the module highlight.

December 17: Special guest speakers Matthew Fox, University of Wyoming Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Minden Fox, Laramie County Community College Marketing and Entrepreneurship Instructor addressed “Identifying Solutions in Your Daily Life.” Matthew’s teaching interests include entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, negotiations, and strategy. Minden’s focus is on the newly re-developed Entrepreneurship program that focuses on supporting students with business ideas and helping them develop these ideas into something feasible.

November 19: VentureLab Director of Education and Training Scott Mann focused on “Defining the Problem,” the important first step in the entrepreneurial process that helps young people think critically about the world around them so that they can be empowered to contribute solutions.

Official Rules and Submitting a Pitch

Take time to review the official rules and prepare to submit a pitch!

  • Review the official rules. Click here.
  • When the young people in your program are ready to submit a pitch, simply access the YEI Reviewr site. Click here.

Official Toolkit for Implementation

Spread the word about the Wyoming Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge to young people in your programs and their families. This toolkit includes communications assets to help you promote the Pitch Challenge across a variety of audiences and platforms. You’ll find sample social content, email content, and flyers. You are welcome to customize the content to suit your program.

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